Diecast Model Car Sales, your online specialist in rare and obsolete Diecast and Resin models, in all scales.

Diecast Model Car Sales was founded with two specific areas of focus and with collectors in mind.

The first focus is an aim to service new and existing static model collectors with the availability of rare and obsolete models not readily available in all retail outlets. While this may seem very simple, there were two primary influences to this side of the business.

– At Diecast Model Car Sales we know there are collectors who are new to the hobby and may have only just begun their interest in model collecting and are on the hunt for many of the models previously released that form part of the collection they have designated themselves to collecting in the future.

– At the same time Diecast Model Car Sales also buys pre-loved models and entire collections as we realise that some collectors will make the decision to exit the hobby and generally find it very difficult to liquidate their collection quickly and easily.

This is where Diecast Model Car Sales saw an opportunity to provide a service that caters for each of these types of collectors and ultimately provide a win/win/win scenario for all involved.

The second focus was to establish Diecast Model Car Sales as an importer of specific brands of diecast and resin model vehicles that were not readily available in retail outlets and make availability of these brands readily accessible and easy to obtain for collectors.

– At Diecast Model Car Sales, we know that not everyone is interested in collecting the mainstream vehicles offered by major manufacturers. With so many brands and scales of models available around the world, so many brands can easily be overseen and/or forgotten about by larger distributors within a region. Sometimes this is because of commercial viability, or simply because it is too difficult to import a small number of models to cater for a specific group of collectors. At Diecast Model Car Sales this secondary focus is not difficult at all and allowed us to take a calculated risk and introduce collectors to brands of models they may have never experienced before and make them available, simply and easily.

You may say this is an innovative initiative and you would be right in saying so, but at Diecast Model Car Sales, we do not claim to be the biggest and we simply do not want to be either. This may sound absurd, but the answer is quite simple. While we will certainly expand as the business requires, but our primary goal is to stay true to our commitment of providing the best level of customer service possible. Therefore we believe being the biggest, in most cases, is not always the best. Being the best is always the best.

Also at Diecast Model Car Sales we do not claim to know everything there is to know about the hobby of static model collecting and that’s the way we like it as every day we have the opportunity of learning something new which keeps us very interested and our focus firm on the future. We also hope this interest and education of what is available to collectors via Diecast Model Car Sales, is what inspires many other people to start and enjoy static model collecting and share in the enjoyment this hobby has to provide for everyone.

While Diecast Model Car Sales is an online business, we provide you with every available opportunity to contact us via phone, email or hand written letter, should you be looking for something special. We will endeavour to do our best to locate your special request, but please understand that we cannot guarantee success in every instance, but we are definitely up for the challenge. Should you wish to contact us, please visit the contact page of this website for more details and we look forward to hearing from you soon.