• M-215_Heroshot
  • M-200 - 1
  • 1:18 CMC - 1963-1981 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman with sunroof - Champagne

What People Say About Us:

  • Just wanted to let you know the Doolans c509 Road Train arrived today and to thank you so much for such awesome service! Will definitely be recommending your business to everyone!

    Anne, VIC ,
  • That’s excellent service. Thank you very much.

    Darrell, QLD ,
  • The models got here safe and sound. They look great -– really very nice. I’m happy to have them. Thank you for taking the time and effort to ship them to the US.

    Hunt, USA ,
  • I will be buying from you guys again. Your customer service is awesome.

    Phil, QLD ,
  • The ESVAL Model (1929 Cord L-29 Special Coupe by Hayes) a wonderful looking model and every bit as good as Dick Browne described in his article in The Diecast Magazine Issue No. 35.

    Peter, QLD ,
  • Just received your Beechey Monaro. Great effort to everyone, the model is just perfect, finish and detail spot on.

    Dwayne, NSW ,
  • With this Norm Beechey model, AMR has set the bar. The absolute definition of the finest detail is absolutely superb. That detail in the final product actually transfers to ‘value for money’.

    Brendon, NSW ,
  • Exceptional packing and customer service, I couldn’t be happier with my Transporter Set, Thanks guys!

    John, NSW ,