• M-161

    1:18 CMC – Auto Union Type C #18 1936 Eifel Race

    Limited Edition ...

    • Limited Edition of 1500 pieces world-wide
    • Hand-assembled and made of 1203 parts
    • High quality Diecast, crafted in excellent detail by CMC
    • Item #M-161


    This 1:18 Auto Union Type C #18 Eifel Race Winner has been hand-assembled, consists of 1203 parts and is made of high quality Diecast by CMC. It features a removable front, the engine hood has true rubber o-rings for locking the hooks, a movable windscreen, exact replication of 16-cylinder V-type engine, openable fuel tank cap, cockpit fitted with textile seats and “Rosemeyer steering wheel”, “Bernd” imprinted on the outside of the cockpit and impeccable paintwork.

    The original vehicle featured a 16 cylinder V-engine with 2 valves per cylinder (controlled by an overhead cam shaft), dry sump lubrication, roots compressor and is a single seater (monoposto) with free-standing wheels and a tubular frame.

    Following information courtesy of the CMC:

    On June 14th 1936, Auto Union sent its best driver Bernd Rosemeyer to compete in the famous Eifel race at the Nürburgring, driving an Auto Union Type C with starting #18. This event became one of the most memorable fog-races at the Nürburgring. It consisted of 10 laps for a total distance of 228 km. The race was dominated by three prominent drivers of the time from the very beginning. Leading the way was Rudolf Caracciola in a Mercedes W25, next came the veteran warrior Tazio Nuvolari in an Alfa Romeo P3, and behind him was Bernd Rosemeyer in a Type C. After the 3rd round Nuvolari surpassed Caracciola to take the lead. But Rosemeyer was catching up steadily. Following a shock absorber failure that forced Caracciola to retire, a thrilling duel for victory unfolded between Nuvolari and the daredevil Rosemeyer.

    True to his nickname, Rosemeyer endeavored to become the undisputed front-runner by the 7th round.  At a significant distance behind him was Nuvolari, running in the 2nd place. During the 8th round, however, something unforeseen happened. With the sudden descent of a heavy fog, the Nürburgring was enveloped in an impenetrable wall of mist. Visibility was reduced to less than 20 meters! And what did Rosemeyer do? This crazy guy kept going full speed ahead. With a seriously blurred vision, he had to rely on his route memory of the course, a 7th sense for orientation, and an undaunted spirit to win the race. A legend was born.

    Bernd Rosemeyer went down in racing history as the “Fog Master.” Auto Union was setting a new benchmark that put an end to the dominance of Mercedes Benz.

  • 43M011-5T

    1:43 1964 Marcos 1800 RHD in Brochure Blue

    Limited edition ...

    • Limited edition of 499 pieces
    • Item no. 43M011

    When Jem Marsh and Frank Costin first combined their efforts—and their names—to produce an awkwardly styled but surprisingly effective little wooden monocoque sports car called the Marcos, few would have envisioned it evolving in just a few short years into the sleek machine you see replicated here. The Marcos 1800—so named for its use of the ‘P1800’ Volvo 1783cc inline-4 engine—looks nothing like its forbearer, but hidden beneath the low-slung fiberglass-reinforced plastic body lies the same style wooden monocoque chassis that underpinned the first Marcos.

    The body made for tight confines within, but driver and passenger were treated a fair degree of luxury in its 45-degree-reclined seats. Triumph-sourced hood latches allow the entire forward section of the body to tilt, yielding access to the Volvo power plant, backed by a 4-speed gearbox with an MGB-sourced overdrive unit. The car’s light weight, aero-friendly shape and 114hp made it good for 9-second sprints to 60mph—quite respectable for the day—and with the overdrive engaged could hit 115mph. The stiffly sprung independent suspension yielded impressive grip as well, giving the all-around performance to validate its attention-grabbing looks.

    Automodello is proud to bring this gorgeous piece of independent sports car history to premium 1:43 scale.

  • 43B017-2T

    1:43 Automodello -1974 Bricklin SV1 Scottsdale Police

    Limited edition ...

    • Limited edition of 150 pieces
    • Item no. 43B017

    Bold. Innovative. Ambitious. Paradoxical. Star-crossed. Many things can be said about the Bricklin SV1. Its styling was as striking as anything on the road when it debuted in 1974, and Bricklin was determined to provide a vehicle that was as revolutionary inside as out. In addition to the traditional sports car priorities of performance and styling, Bricklin ambitiously chose to emphasize safety, giving the SV1—for Safety Vehicle One—a market niche virtually all unto itself. The car incorporated a number of innovative technical features, including an integrated roll-cage, gull-wing doors and energy-absorbing front crash structures. All in a car that could run door-to-door with the contemporary American sports car icon the Chevrolet Corvette.

    To further emphasize the safety aspect, Malcolm Bricklin arranged for three cars to be delivered to the Police Department in Scottsdale, Arizona, home of Bricklin’s corporate office. Three identically prepared 1974 SV1s in white—equipped with the 360 cubic-inch AMC V-8 and automatic transmissions—were leased to the Scottsdale Police Department for $1 each. They received blue paint on the lower bodywork (made of acrylic like all Bricklins), Scottsdale Police Department insignia, police radios, sirens, and roof-mounted strobe lights. Despite the car’s impressive speed, they were rarely used for pursuit duty, as the signature gullwing doors prevented the ability to quickly exit. Instead, it was used for patrol and public-relations duty where its high visibility could be exploited to maximum benefit.

    Automodello™ celebrates these unique service vehicles with this precision 1:43 replica. Crafted in exacting detail, the Automodello Bricklin SV1 is a must-have for any connoisseur of unique and influential American automobiles. Limited production and craftsmanship without compromise ensure that this will be a collector’s favorite for years to come.

  • Not The Kingswood - First Promo Image - Jan 16 2017 - Final

    1:18 AMR – 1979 HZ Kingswood SL 4.2L in Atlantis Blue

    Pre-order: $249.95


    Pre-order: $249.95

    Upon arrival $299.95

    Model Description:

    • First 1:18 scale model release for AMR
    • Exclusive limited edition release, which will include a serialised limited edition certificate
    • Only 650 pieces to be produced
    • Produced in high quality Resin
    • February 2018 release
    • ORDER TODAY as AMR is only producing to pre-order quantities. Therefore, unless an order is cancelled, all will be spoken for upon arrival!
    • SECURE NOW by PRE-ORDER  for $249.95

    Historical Information:

    This iconic Australian car has earned its place well in Australian culture. “Not the Kingswood” is a quote many know well from the hit Australian show “Kingswood Country“. The 1979 HZ Kingswood included Radial Tuned Suspension, which greatly improved the handling finesse, while at the same time did not compromise ride quality. The Kingswood became the base model for sedans and wagons, with a new model the slightly more upmarket Kingswood SL introduced.


    Upon arrival at DMCS this model will be made available for $299.95. But is now available to Pre-Order for $249.95 by simply paying for your order today.

    Save $50 by paying for the full cost of this item today ($249.95) Please be advised; All PRE-ORDER customers will be contacted upon arrival of the item in February 2018. Free postage is only available to pre-order customers.

    Pre-Order now for just $249.95 and save $50, plus get free postage!

  • 12A010-2T

    1:12 Automodello – 1967 Eagle Gurney-Weslake V12 #36



    SECURE NOW by PRE-ORDER for $1349.95

    Upon arrival, the ‘In-Stock’ price will go up to: $1999.95

    • Official release date in January/February 2018
    • Limited Edition of 150 pieces Worldwide
    • Winner of the 1967 Formula 1 Gran Prix at Spa-Francorchamps
    • Produced in Resin
    • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, hand signed by Dan Gurney, Chairman of All American Racers
    • Hand numbered and includes Perspex Display Cover
    • Item No. 12A010
    • Please note: Pictured is the real car. Model images will be updated on the website once they become available in the future
    • All Images courtesy of Automodello, as per the Automodello website
    • Save $650 by Pre-Ordering now!

    Replicated from the 1967 Formula 1 Gran Prix victory at Spa-Francorchamps.

    Dan Gurney is the only American to win a Formula 1 Grand Prix in an American car in the modern era (Jimmy Murphy won in a Duesenberg in 1921 before the establishment of the World Championship) and Gurney is the only US driver ever in the entire history of the sport to do this with a car built, designed and constructed by his own company All American Racers.

    This mesmerising masterpiece will serve as a lasting tribute to the genius of Dan Gurney and All American Racers. The commitment of AAR, the passion and the dedication to accurate scale replication from the team of skilled artisans at Automodello. To allow it to be enjoyed and viewed from a 360-degree angle on a daily basis, free of dust or accidental damage, it will be packaged on a stylish plinth and supplied with a clear protective display cover.


    Upon arrival at DMCS, this model is available to Pre-Order customers for $1349.95. Just pay the cost of shipping ($9.95) to secure your order today.

    Please be advised; All PRE-ORDER customers will be contacted upon arrival of the item and will be requested to complete the purchase and make payment of the PRE-ORDER. Failure to complete the transaction within 2 weeks of being advised of the items immediate availability, will result in the item being returned to stock and sold to the next willing customer.

    ($9.95 to Pre-Order & $1349.95 upon arrival)

  • diecast_modelcar_bos-models_lotus_eleven_197842_bigcrop

    1:18 BOS Models – Lotus Eleven #337 – 1957 Mille Miglia

    1:18 Scale Hi...

    • 1:18 Scale
    • Historic 1957 Mille Miglia Race Car
    • Resin material accentuates the crisp, clean lines of this curvaceous vehicle
    • The generous opening of the cockpit allows brilliant viewing opportunities of the dashboard and other interior detail
    • Smooth, sleek look makes for a stylish and historical addition for your collection
    • Item number #BOS150

    This historic 1957 Mille Miglia racing car was designed by Colin Chapman, and fitted with its sleek body by aerodynamicist Frank Costin in London, England. This British classic incorporated the latest in aerodynamic theory, engine, suspension and brake technology. It eventually went on to become the most prolific race car of its time, dominating it's class throughout the world. In 1957 on the Mille Miglia circuit in Italy, Gregor Grant drove a factory-prepared Lotus Eleven, writing an account called “One man's Mille Miglia”, noting his experiences of the race.

  • diecast_modelcar_bos-models_lotus_eleven+rekordwagen_197845_big crop

    1:18 BOS Models – Lotus Eleven 1956 Monza Rekordwagen

    1:18 Scale Re...

    • 1:18 Scale
    • Resin material model with sealed body and detailed interior
    • Historic 1956 Monza record car
    • Sleek and professional finish makes for a historical and unique addition for your collection
    • Item number #BOS152

    This historic 1956 racing car was designed by Colin Chapman, and fitted with its sleek body by aerodynamicist Frank Costin. This British classic , fixed with a Coventry Climax engine and tubular space frame, was primarily designed to compete in the 1100 cc class where it was one of the most successful cars during the mid to late 1950s. One of the most notable accomplishments was in 1956 when the Lotus Eleven was driven to a class world record by Stirling Moss of 230 km/h, for a lap at Monza. Several class victories followed at Le Mans and Sebring, and once again the Eleven became Lotus' most successful race car design.


  • diecast_modelcar_bos-models_mercedes_t80+rekordwagen_213625_bigcrop

    1:18 BOS Models – 1939 Mercedes-Benz T80 Rekordwagen

    1:18 Scale Hi...

    • 1:18 Scale
    • Historic 1939 Land Speed record car
    • Produced in resin, the resin moulding provides pin-point body and shut-line accuracy
    • The story below should be enough as to why this makes a great historical addition for your collection
    • Item number #BOS202

    The Mercedes-Benz T80 was a six-wheeled vehicle, developed and designed by Ferdinand Porsche. It was intended to break the world land speed record, but never got the chance due to the outbreak of World War II. The target speed for the T80 at the beginning of production was 600 km/h, but when the project was finished it was set to an ambitious speed of 750km/h. Hitler considered the T80 a propaganda triumph of German technology, being an avid race car fan himself. The engine used in the T80 was a massive 44.5 litre Daimler-Benz DB 603, a derivate of the famous DB-601 aircraft engine. The car was over 8 metres long, with three axles, an produced 3,000 hp. Aerodynamically, the T80 incorporated a Porsche-designed enclosed cockpit, low sloping hood, rounded wheel enclosures, and elongated tail booms. Midway down the body were two small wings to provide down force and ensure stability – these wings were inspired by the wings of Opel's famous rocket cars from 1928. The date was set for the car to complete the record in “RekordWoche “(Record Week), January 1940, but the war begun on September 1, 1939 and prevented the T80 to run the great feat due to the fact that its huge V12 engine was taken out and used in an air bomber during the war. The car is currently on display at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart.

  • diecast_modelcar_bos-models_mercedes_w154+rekordwagen_213524_bigcrop

    1:18 BOS Models – 1939 Mercedes-Benz W154 Rekordwagen

    1:18 Scale Hi...

    • 1:18 Scale
    • Historic 1939 land speed model car – Silver
    • This curvaceous creation immediately draws your eye to the detailed craftsmanship applied to the body mould of this historically significant model
    • Limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide
    • Read below to understand why you need to make this historical show piece the conversation point of your collection today
    • Item number #BOS203

    Following an impressive 1938 Grand Prix season, some engine and aerodynamic modifications to the W154 were planned for the 1939 season, but before the season got underway, Mercedes-Benz decided to use the W154 to make attempts on the Class D (2.001–3.000L/122–183cu in) standing start speed record. Chassis number 11 of the 15 W154s built was modified by enclosing the wheels and suspension in aerodynamic fairings. The sides of the cockpit were also enclosed by panels; the one on the right side was easily removed for entry into the cockpit. Further streamlining improvements were made to the rest of the body, and unneeded equipment was removed to make the car as light as possible. Since the record runs were brief, the radiator was removed, and an ice tank was installed above the rear axle. Hot coolant from the engine flowed into the tank and melted the ice, and the now-chilled coolant flowed back to the engine. With the radiator removed, an inlet in the nose of the car fed air directly to the engine’s carburettor. The streamlined W154 record car’s engine developed 468 hp (349 kW) at 7,800 rpm. On the 8th of February 1939, Caracciola climbed into the streamlined W154 car as it sat on a special section of the Autobahn south of Dessau, Germany. From a stop, Caracciola and the W154 rocketed down the Autobahn, covering 1 km (.6 mi) in 20.56 seconds and 1 mile (1.6 km) in 28.32 seconds—both times were new Class D records. Unfortunately, the top speed achieved was not recorded, but the times averaged to 108.800 mph (175.097 km/h) over 1 km (.6 mi) and 127.119 mph (204.578 km/h) over 1 mile (1.6 km).


    1:18 Le Mans Miniatures – Jochen Rindt – Resin Figurine

    - Excellent 1:18 det...


    – Excellent 1:18 detail

    – Professionally hand painted

    – Crafted in Resin

    – Depicted with a cigarette in his hand and bottle of soda at his feet

    – Item #FLM118020

    This 1:18 Le Mans Miniatures Jochen Rindt figurine is of the highest quality and excellent detail. Being professionally hand painted and made of Resin, Jochen Rindt was a German driver whom participated in several races such as 24 Hours of Le Mans, winning the 1965 Ferrari 250LM race. He started his first Formula 1 season at Cooper, who teamed up with Maserati in 1966. In 1969, Rindt joined the Lotus team, proving to be a worth successor of Jim Clark who tragically died the year before on the Hockenheim circuit. In 1970, Jochen Rindt won 5 races, but was killed during the preliminary tests of the Italian GP Monza at age 28.  His lead in the championship was so considerable he could have finished the season as a World Champion, being the only driver to date to have been crowned World Champion posthumously. Rindt as been reproduced according to the famous photo taken by Rainer W. Schlegermich. He is sitting in a camping seat, a cigarette in his hand and a bottle of soda waiting at his feet during the middle of a discussion with Colin Chapman, the Lotus Team Manager.