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    1:18 CMC – 1937-1939 “Memory Edition” Talbot Lago Coupe T150 C-SS in Aubergine

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    Model Description:

    • Memory edition in Aubergine
    • 1:18 Scale Model Crafted in Diecast Metal
    • Produced in usual high quality by CMC
    • Aesthetic “teardrop” bodywork
    • Delivery expected late September
    • Item #M-179


    The Talbot Lago Coupe is a classic and deeply cherished car, which CMC has finally replicated into a stunning, sleek and smooth diecast model. The car’s body was made famous by French sheet metal cutters Figoni & Falashi, giving it a beautiful teardrop shape, something considered “state of the art” nowadays. First presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1937, the Talbot Coupe impressed all who saw it. The narrow front fender an chromium-plated exhaust piece blend harmoniously together, especially with the helping hand of the luxurious interior, created with artistic workmanship in wood and leather. A six-cylinder in-line engine can be seen under the bonnet of the Coupe, with either 140 horsepower or 160, depending on the make. Only 16 of these cars were built between 1937 and 1939, with no two being alike. Only four of them are still around today!