• M-183 1

    1:18 CMC – 1956 Ferrari D50 GP Italy Collins/Fangio – #26

    +$9.95 AUS WIDE Post...


    +$9.95 AUS WIDE Post

    • Limited Edition of 1000 pieces Worldwide
    • Metal precision model hand-built from 1379 parts
    • Detachable and lockable engine hood
    • Flip-open ventilation lid for the driver´s footwell
    • Detail-exact replication of the V8 engine with accessories, pipes and cabling
    • Bundled exhaust pipes made of metal
    • Triangular front axle with shock absorbers and transverse leaf spring, all made of metal
    • Rear suspension with De-Dion-tube, transverse leaf spring, pushrods and friction dampers, all made of metal
    • Hand-crafted stainless steel grille
    • Oil cooler installed in front of the radiator
    • Detailed replication of fuel and oil circulation as well as the cooling system,
    • Hinged flip-open fuel and oil filler caps
    • Upholstered, leather-covered driver’s seat and head-rest
    • Amazingly realistic and perfectly crafted wheels with stainless-steel spokes and nipples mounted on an alloy rim
    • Authentically-replicated central locking nuts with right-/left-handed threads
    • Elegant finish by hand in the original hue and colour
    • Special feature as accessory: Booster trolley with separate assist start device
    • Item no.: M-183
    • Produced in Diecast Metal
    • All Images courtesy of CMC, as per the CMC website